For many people Atos Medical is synonymous with the Provox System; voice prostheses for laryngectomees. The Provox System has been a success from the start and Provox voice prostheses have become the gold standard for voice restoration after a total laryngectomy.

But we didn’t stop there. Today Atos Medical is a market leader in pulmonary rehabilitation and tracheoesophageal voice restoration supplies for laryngectomees. We have continued to improve our voice prostheses and manufacture high-quality products to enhance our users’ quality of life. Our work to develop new products and improve existing ones continues daily. Close contact with both clinicians and patients motivates us to always look for new innovations and solutions that can benefit our users. 


If you have any further questions or opinions about our laryngectomy supplies please don’t hesitate to contact us via Contact Page. Your input is essential for us in order to improve our products and services.

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