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Usage situations:

This HME helps to make it easier to breathe. Use it during the day when you’re physically active.

Designed to help you have better nights and prepare for better days

This HME makes the air more humid. Use it during the day, when you’re taking it easy.

An HME that is also an effective bacteria, virus and dust filter

Gives you the freedom to speak hands-free

Designed to reduce stoma movement and improve voice quality when speaking hands-free

When you have a deep stoma and sensitive skin

An adhesive for the night and for sore and irritated skin

Gives you a superior seal and support for your stoma when speaking

Gives you a good seal around your stoma

An adhesive for esophageal speech

For speaking with finger occlusion or hands-free

A voice prosthesis designed for good voice quality, low speaking effort, easy device maintenance and comfort

The first voice prosthesis for anterograde insertion

The voice prosthesis for early leakage through

Combines the benefits of the Provox Vega with a solution to manage leakage around

Proven features and quality of a Provox device with the convenience of patient self-insertion, removal and cleaning

Improve the adhesion of Provox adhesives

Improves adhesion of appliances and tape to the skin

For removing the adhesive and glue residue

This is a cover that protects your stoma from water

Improve the adhesion between the skin and the adhesive

For flushing after brushing

For cleaning of the voice prosthesis

For cleaning and removing oil from the skin

For maintaining the opening of the stoma

For maintaining the opening of the tracheostoma

Makes it possible for the Provox FreeHands HMEs to be used also during sleep

Enables use of a Provox HME Cassette to any tracheostomy tube

Makes it possible to attach an HME to a Provox adhesive

LaryButton Sizer Kit contains sterilizable and reusable tubes for individual fitting.

The Provox LaryClip is an alternative to Provox TubeHolder.

Contains sterilizable and reusable tubes for individual fitting

It is suitable for users with sensitive skin around the stoma.

Is used to clean the Provox LaryTube and Provox LaryButton.

A disposable surgical set for primary and secondary placement of the Provox Vega voice prosthesis

A quick and easy solution to manage leakage around the voice prosthesis

Temporarily stops leakage through the voice prosthesis

A tool that can be used to approximate the length of TE punctures

For upsizing the diameter of the TE puncture or to temporary block a TE

Is used to make small fenestrations in the Provox LaryTube.

For retrograde insertion of all Provox indwelling prostheses

Single pressure-sensitive button speech aid for natural expression with a wide frequency range of voicing

Easy-to-use single-tone button activated speech aid with a wide frequency range for voicing

Allows you to work with your hands while talking with a speech aid

Portable voice amplifier with slim design

Portable voice amplifier for many uses

Quality, reliable and simple-to-operate speech aid

Clear, comprehensive voice produced by natural articulatory movements

Value-priced speech aid

All-in-one kit for post-operative pulmonary rehabilitation and surgical placement of Provox Voice Prosthesis