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Better Nights for Better Days

Provox Luna is a new nighttime solution designed to help you have better nights and prepare for better days

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“Skin is softer, less irritation, feels calmer. Now I can use an HME even at night”
Provox Luna user
Living with Laryngectomy
"Living with a Laryngectomy" TV Segment

An inspiring personal perspective on getting your voice back after a total laryngectomy and improving overall quality of life.

Leo's voice

Leo is 49 and lives in The Netherlands. He had his total laryngectomy in 2011. Today, Leo uses Provox Luna for the night and Provox FreeHands during the day.

Bill's voice

Bill started speaking hands-free four months after his surgery. He is married and has two adult daughters. He works full-time as an engineer.

Our commitment
At Atos Medical, we are committed to giving a voice to people who breathe through a stoma, with design solutions and technologies built on decades of experience and deep understanding of our users.
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New nighttime solution

We all know that a good night sleep means everything during the day. Using Provox Luna during the night allows you to sleep comfortably, soothe your skin and improve your lung health, while at the same time helping you to have a better day.

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