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Our Key Roles

We have many roles which are critical to our success as an organization. Below we showcase three key roles within our organization that enable us to deliver on our purpose to make life easier for people living with a neck stoma.

Direct to Consumer (DTC)

Our DTC or Customer Care teams are a fundamental part of what makes us different from other companies within our industry. This team enables us to make life easier for people living with a neck stoma by providing them personalized care. They do this by directly engaging with our customers, discussing products and helping our customers get the most of these and our other services.



“Being able to help people during a very difficult time in their
lives makes working at Atos Medical very rewarding.”


– Storm, Customer Advocate, US

Field Sales Team

Our Sales Representatives are the critical to the ongoing success of Atos Medical to all of the markets in which we operate. These teams do not only manage our relationships with key clinicians and hospitals, they are also are in regular contact with our customers within their territory.


“The more I advise, listen and interact with doctors, caregivers and
users, I know it will help people to have better lives. I feel I have
achieved my goals by improving the health of our users, and this
inspires and motivates me to keep going.”


– Selena, Sales representative, France

Find out more about our people and why they enjoy working at Atos Medical:

“I am always amazed to see how we build on each other’s ideas, skills and experiences within and across teams. It is an incredibly rewarding environment to work in.” 


Nataniel, Design Engineer, Sweden 

“I am inspired daily by the laryngectomy community, from seeing a daughter’s eyes tear up when our products allow her father to speak again or recognizing the relief on a caregiver’s face when she realizes she is not alone on this journey.” 


Karen, Events & Marketing Communications Manager, US 

“Whether it is manufacturing new machines, meeting with machine operators to troubleshoot problems, or maintaining existing machines, the wide range of technology at Atos Medical presents many challenges, which I find very inspiring and engaging.” 


Alexander, Technician, Sweden 

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