Our commitment

At Atos Medical, we are committed to giving a voice to people who breathe through a stoma, with design solutions and technologies built on decades of experience and a deep understanding of our users.

Our voice - Our core values

Our voice describes the values we live by in our everyday life:

We listen

At Atos, we are open-minded and curious. We actively seek to learn from each other and our users. We use the understanding we gain to challenge each other to always improve.

We focus

At Atos, we are true experts in our field. We choose to concentrate on what we are great at. Our choices are clear and transparent, and they help us achieve our ambitions.

We engage

At Atos, we connect with our stakeholders and involve them in our activities. We support and empower our users and each other every day. Respect and integrity are at the core of everything we do.

We inspire

At Atos, we work with passion and dedication. We have ambitious goals and set the highest standards for ourselves. We aim to offer a compelling picture of the future that motivates others to take action.