Our presence

We have over 30 years of experience in laryngectomy care, 20 offices and approaching 700 Atos employees worldwide.

Focused to help people with a laryngectomy

We are the clear global leader in the laryngectomy segment. The Provox product range enables people to speak after a total laryngectomy, despite having no voice box. It also allows people to breathe through their tracheostomy day and night while restoring pulmonary health.

Global reach with direct presence

We have direct presence through subsidiaries in 20 countries in addition to exclusive distributors covering more than 60 countries. We have one of the world’s largest sales forces with ~175 field representatives in addition to ~175 people sitting on the phones.

Committed to serve the laryngectomee community

We want to service all end-users directly and have the ability to do so in more than 20 countries. Activities includes end-user events, calls and delivery services.  Our staff is ready to help you with whatever question you may have.

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