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Below are some frequently asked questions, tips and techniques for using Provox HMEs. If you have a question that is not listed here, please contact our Customer Service Team at 800.217.0025.  We are here to help!


My HME has mucus building up on it, can I rinse it off with water and reuse it?

No. The HME cassette is not reusable and cannot be rinsed in water or any other solution – this washes out the special salt essential for HME effectiveness. To maintain the effectiveness of your HME, you can simply wipe away any mucus build up with a cloth and change it at least daily in accordance with the Instructions For Use.

I use my HME during the day and take it off at night while I’m sleeping but I’m still waking up several times coughing throughout the night. Why is this?

Remember that since you now breathe through your stoma, your HME acts as your new nose. To realize maximum benefits of the HME, you should wear your Provox HME 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, just like your nose. Studies show use of the Provox HME can reduce the number of coughs per day, which can lead to less interrupted sleep and improved social activity.

I use my HME year-round, but the air in my house is especially dry in the winter. What can I do to help reduce irritation from the dryness?

Talk to your clinician about trying the Provox XtraMoist HME which is designed to improve humidification and maintain good airflow, maintaining conditions closest to normal nasal function.

I want to stay fit but feel that my breathing is restricted a bit by my HME when exercising. Should I just remove it when exercising?

The Provox XtraFlow HME is designed specifically for people who prefer lower resistance breathing and is great to use when exercising. Talk to your clinician about adding Provox XtraFlow HME to your exercise routine today!

Can my patient use an HME with adhesive during radiotherapy?

Not if the stoma area is within the radiation field. This could cause skin damage when the adhesive is peeled off the skin. Especially later in the radiotherapy course, when the skin is more affected. During radiotherapy and for some weeks afterwards, the patient can use a LaryTube to still benefit from the HME function.

My patient has problems using the HME system because of skin irritation.  What can I do?

There are a few things that you can try. To benefit from the HME, it is important that the patient uses it 24 hours per day, 7 days a week (24/7). Try to find a solution that allows the patient to continue HME use. For instance, Provox Skin Barrier can be used to protect the skin prior to applying the adhesive. Consider using the Provox OptiDerm which is a hydrocolloid adhesive that allows the skin to heal underneath, or Luna, the nighttime adhesive and HME designed to be comfortable to wear with soothing and cooling properties. If the problem persists, consider (overnight) use of a LaryTube with HME instead of an adhesive.

Do you have tips or techniques designed to help assist patients and their family members?

Yes!  We have developed several CareTip Sheets as an educational resource for both laryngectomees and healthcare professionals.  View our Atos CareTips here.

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