Provox® Laryngectomy Pulmonary Kit (LPK)

Provox Laryngectomy Kits provide all-in-one packaging for immediate post-operative 24/7 pulmonary rehabilitation and the option for ready-to-use surgical placement of the Provox Voice Prosthesis. The kits feature Provox Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) – approved for 24 hour use even while sleeping!

Clinical studies have shown that most laryngectomized patients who use a Provox HME twenty-four hours a day, even while sleeping, experience reductions in:

  • Mucus Production
  • Coughing and Forced Expectoration

Immediate post-operative use of the HME also lowers costs as compared to the use of an external humidifier.

Provox Laryngectomy Pulmonary Kits provide convenient all-in-one customizable packaging supporting pulmonary care as well as communication needs.

Contact your Atos Medical Representative for LPK details.

Non-sterile, for single patient use.

Data on file.

For Clinician Use Only.

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