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CareTip Information Sheets

The CareTips information sheets are specifically designed to:

  • Assist laryngectomees and their family members in the care and maintenance involved post-laryngectomy
  • Provide a resource for Healthcare Professionals to use with their patients when describing what life going forward will be like
CareTips Patient Information Kits

The CareTips Patient Information Kit is an educational resource for the Healthcare professional to use to better prepare their patients for the laryngectomy procedure, and what to expect living life as a laryngectomee. The kit is to be given to the patient as an educational resource to review what happens to their body and the care they need to employ once their body has been changed.

Each kit contains:

  • ML070 CareTips Laryngectomee Registration Card
  • MC075 Rescue Breathing DVD
  • MC0650 Emergency Breathing Card
  • MC0696 Anatomy Illustration Sheet
  • 8002 Provox Catalog
  • 7962US Life as a Laryngectomee Brochure
  • Laryngectomy Insurance Packet
  • CareTips Sheets (Listed Below)

To request a complete ML067 CareTips Patient Information Kit, contact a Customer Service Representative at 800.217.0025.

Below are CareTips sheets created exclusively by Atos Medical Inc. that can be viewed and printed for your convenience.

Daily Care of Your Voice Prosthesis – Provox® Brush and Flush
  • Reference Number MC0685
View Document
Provox® XtraHME™ Let’s Get Started
  • Reference Number MC0686
View Document
Provox® LaryTube™ When and How to Use
  • Reference Number MC0690
View Document
Provox® LaryButton™ When and How to Use
  • Reference Number MC0691
View Document
Getting a Good Seal – Provox® Adhesives
  • Reference Number MC0687
View Document
Stomal Occlusion with Your Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME)
  • Reference Number MC0688
View Document
How to Tell When You May Have a Problem with Your Voice Prosthesis
  • Reference Number MC0689
View Document
Artificial Larynx(AL): What is an Artificial Larynx?
  • Reference Number MC0799
View Document
Artificial Larynx (AL): Basic Training
  • Reference Number MC0824
View Document
What to do if Your Voice Prosthesis Falls Out of the Tracheoesophageal Puncture (TEP)
  • Reference Number MC0832
View Document
Things to Prepare for Traveling
  • Reference Number MC0990
View Document
How You Can Help a Loved One Before and After a Laryngectomy
  • Reference Number MC0991
View Document
TheraBite® Passive Motion Guidelines
  • Reference Number MC1206
View Document
Extending the Life of Your Voice Prosthesis
  • Reference Number MC1310
View Document
Provox® FreeHands FlexiVoice™ HME
  • Reference Number MC1330
View Document