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The following recorded webinars are offered for ASHA CEUs. In order to receive CEU credit from ASHA, you must be subscribed to the series, view the entire webinar and complete the course evaluation. If you got to this page without being subscribed, click here to subscribe.

Protocols for Intensive Dysphagia Therapy - 1.27.2021

PRESENTED BY: Kate Hutcheson Ph.D., Nicole Rogus-Pulia Ph.D., Kathy Welden Ph.D., Paula Sullivan CCC-SLP and Christine Porsche, CCC-SLP

This course described two models of intensive dysphagia therapy for patients with persistent, chronic, or late dysphagia after head and neck cancer treatment – The MD Anderson Swallowing Boot Camp Algorithm and the VA Intensive Dysphagia Therapy Program. Program algorithms, patient eligibility, therapy schedules & interdisciplinary integration insights were covered as part of this course.


Interdisciplinary Protocols for Complete Stricture - 3.24.2021

PRESENTED BY: Kiara Savage MS, CCC-SLP, Dave Richards MD,  Stephanie Stephens MS, CCC-SLP and Kulwinder Dua MD, D.Sc, F.A.C.P, F.R.C.P., F.R.C.P., M.A.S.G.E

This course described interdisciplinary models for management of complete stricture in head and neck cancer survivors. Clinicians described protocols: swallowing diagnostics, endoscopic technique, cadence of serial dilations, and harmonization with swallowing therapy. Considerations and protocol modifications for patients with and without a larynx were discussed.


Radiation Innovations to Optimize Swallowing Function - 5.26.2021

PRESENTED BY: Chris Nutting, MD, Justin Roe, PhD, Kate Hutcheson, PhD, Casey Richardson, SLP, Dave Fuller, MD

This course described the philosophies and protocols implemented in diverse institutions internationally to minimize degree and duration of radiation associated dysphagia in head and neck cancer patients. Swallowing-optimized radiation planning and proactive swallowing intervention were discussed in order to optimize swallowing function in patients undergoing head and neck radiation.


Pathways and Protocols to Manage Trismus - 7.28.2021

PRESENTED BY: Richard Cardoso, DDS, Michael Stubblefield, MD, Holly McMillian,M.C.D. CCC-SLP, LMP, CLT

This course describes the pathophysiology of trismus and considerations for exercise, medical, and manual therapies for treatment in head and neck cancer survivors. Interdisciplinary protocols from rehabilitation, dental, and speech-language pathology providers will be presented. The MD Anderson Treatment of Trismus (MDATT) pathway will be introduced to integrate standardized evaluation methods.


Revisiting Clinical Algorithms for Enlarged Tracheoesophageal Puncture - 9.22.2021

PRESENTED BY: Casey Richardson, MA, CCC-SLP, Claudio Parrilla, MD, ENT, David Riesberg, DDS, Kate Hutcheson, PhD and Amy Hessel, FACS

This course describes the diagnostic considerations relevant to enlarged tracheoesophageal puncture (TEP) and leak around the voice prosthesis. Clinical algorithms will be presented including how and when to apply different prosthetic and procedural solutions. Surgical closure considerations and innovations for prosthetic customization will be presented.