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Recorded Webinars

We are excited to share these recordings of past webinars available for viewing. You can access resources mentioned in the webinars here. If you have feedback or questions about the recorded webinars or upcoming live events, please email


Disclaimer: The content, claims and timelines included in these events, materials and communications are intended for the US market.  For information relevant outside of the US, please contact your local Atos Medical office.

Supporting your loved one after total laryngectomy (JUL 16, 2020)

PANELISTS: Kevin and Morphia Scarlett, Don and Jo-Anne Carter, Amanda Lo Sauro, LMSW, Oncology Social Worker and Tracy Klugger, CCC-SLP

Caregivers and family members of people with total laryngectomy occupy a special place in the community. This webinar featured a discussion about effective support strategies and some of the unique challenges faced by caregivers/family members.

Physical activity and exercise after total laryngectomy (JUL 30, 2020)

PANELISTS: Christ Flaker, Jeanette Gentry, Jake Jacobs and Lauren Van Laethem, ACSM CIFT, CBIS, CRC, Exercise Physiologist

Living an active lifestyle has been shown to improve both mental and physical health.  This webinar featured individuals who have undergone total laryngectomy and continue to engage in various sports and exercise activities and healthcare providers.

Helpful community organizations for individuals with total laryngectomy (AUG 20, 2020)

PANELISTS: Cindy Lee Gordish, CCC-SLP, Representative for the International Association of Laryngectomees (IAL), Cindy Ganz, CCC-SLP, Representative for Thyroid, Head & Neck Cancer  (THANC) Foundation, Meryl Kaufman, CCC-SLP, Founding Board Member and Advisory Board Member of the Head and Neck Cancer Alliance, Joe Wasserman, President of Lary’s Speak, Tom Whitworth, President of WebWhispers

Living life to its’ fullest after a total laryngectomy warrants support from professionals, family, friends and the community. This webinar was a live, moderated panel discussion with advocates from several organizations that support the laryngectomy community.

Hands-free speech with a voice prosthesis (SEP 17, 2020)

PANELISTS: Eric Haynes,  Sandra Moran, Tammy Norman, John Ready, Executive Director,, Stephanie Stevens, CCC-SLP

This webinar featured a panel of experts: people with laryngectomy who have mastered hands-free speech together with speech-language pathologists who fit many of their patients for hands-free devices. The panel discussed candidacy for using a hands-free speech device, tips and tricks to improve speech clarity with a hands-free device and troubleshooting for common problems with these devices.

Evento en español: Sobrellevar una laringectomía durante la pandemia de COVID-19: seminario web con panel para pacientes y cuidadores (SEP 23, 2020)

PANELISTS: María A. Centeno, CCC-SLP, Rachel Giese, MD, Mario Landera , CCC-SLP, Natalia Lopez Cepero, CCC-SLP, Nixalys Medrano, Customer Support Team Lead, Atos Medical

El debate se centrará en las medidas que puede tomar para protegerse del COVID-19 y en el manejo de su autocuidado si su médico no lo puede atender. Los temas también incluirán el uso de intercambiadores de calor y humedad (heat and moisture exchangers, HME) y lo que debe esperar cuando vaya de compras o al hospital para una cita.

Managing Pulmonary Changes After Total Laryngectomy (OCT 15, 2020)

PANELISTS: Jennifer Karkenny, Deb Hellman, Rudy Mintz, Joe Mulligan, Mariangela Rivera, MD, Erica Taylor, CCC-SLP

This webinar featured healthcare experts and people with total laryngectomy as they reviewed changes in pulmonary function that happen after total laryngectomy and strategies to manage these changes.

Holiday Music Showcase (DEC 9, 2020)

PERFORMERS: Steve Cooper, Gene Gurick, Kirk Janowiak, Joe Mulligan, Ron Perelman, David Smith

This was an evening of holiday music performances by individuals who have undergone total laryngectomy surgery.

Staying Active During the Winter (MAR 4, 2021)

PANELISTS: Lisa Crujido, Ellen Frodhart, John Isler, Kevin Scarlett, Tom and Carol Worberg

No matter what region you live in, winter brings a unique set of challenges when trying to stay active. Being active is important for both mental and physical health; however, it can be more difficult to keep moving in the cooler weather. The panel featured individuals who have undergone total laryngectomy and continue to remain active during winter with activities (such as walking, yoga, golf, and winter snow sports).