Atos – supplier of Provox

Since the introduction of the first voice prosthesis more than 30 years ago, Atos Medical has become the world leader within laryngectomy care supplies – manufacturing and selling Provox products.


Provox offers a wide range of high-quality voice and pulmonary rehabilitation devices. These are divided into three main groups: voice prostheses for speaking, Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) for breathing and adhesives and other attachments. There are also additional Atos Medical Provox accessories for each product group and a number of supplies for speaking hands-free.

You have the power to choose a personalized combination of products to meet your needs in consultation with your clinician.

Provox Voice Prostheses

Using a voice prosthesis can be one of the quickest ways to regain your voice. Thousands of people who have undergone a total laryngectomy rely on Provox voice prostheses to give them the confidence to speak more naturally. They are known for being robust, reliable devices that are easy to maintain.

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Provox HMEs

Provox HMEs sit over your stoma and allow you to breathe through them. They are designed to help reduce coughing and mucus production while easing irritation in your windpipe.

There are different HMEs in the Provox portfolio
Provox Adhesives

Adhesives are widely considered the most common and comfortable way to attach the HME in front of your stoma. They are available in a wide range so you can find the one that is best suited for you.

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Provox FreeHands

Speaking hands-free is a desire shared by almost everyone who has gone through a laryngectomy. Provox FreeHands FlexiVoice is our most popular product for speaking hands-free