Freevent XtraCare Mini

Freevent XtraCare Mini is a heat and moisture exchanger filter (HMEF) an HME with an electrostatic filter providing effective filtration of small airborne particles, e.g. bacteria > 99%*, viruses > 98%*, dust and pollen

Key Features

  • HME media is a foam treated with calcium chloride to provide heat and moisture
  • Compact design, tailored for pediatric patients
  • Fitted with a transparent connector to facilitate monitoring of secretions
  • Compatible with 15mm connector
  • Recommended for children with a tidal volume between 30-250ml, approx 7-30kg
  • Can be used with Freevent O2 Adaptor for administration of supplemental oxygen. Use oxygen tubing of 1/8in (3.2mm) diameter
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