Provox LaryTube

For maintaining the opening of the tracheostoma while supporting pulmonary rehabilitation with the use of a Provox HME.

Key Features

  • Soft, silicone tubes are available in Standard, Fenestrated and with Ring
  • Standard and Fenestrated Tubes can be secured with Provox TubeHolder, Provox LaryClip or Freevent Neckband, while the LaryTube with Ring is designed to be secured with a Provox Adhesive
  • Non sterile, for single use, reusable.
  • Clinician may custom fenestrate Provox LaryTube with Ring for use with voice prosthesis.
  • ID = inner diameter (in mm)
  • OD = outer diameter (in mm)
  • L = length (in mm)
Supporting Material
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