Provox® Life™ Laryngectomy Pulmonary Kit (LPK)

Comprehensive, evidence-based kits for pulmonary health and post-surgical laryngectomy care.

Provox Life Laryngectomy Kits provide all-in-one packaging for immediate, post-operative, 24/7 pulmonary rehabilitation — a convenient, in-hospital pulmonary care system that enhances patient outcomes. Clinical studies have shown that most laryngectomized patients who use an HME twenty-four hours a day (even while sleeping) experience reduced coughing and mucus production and require less suctioning.* Our cost-effective, all-inclusive pulmonary system may also reduce length of stay and readmission rates.

Non-sterile, for single patient use. *Data on file.

For Clinician Use Only.

Immediate post-operative use of an HME in comparison to external humidification results in:

Key Features
  • decreased costs
  • decreased adverse events (mucus plugs) in the hospital
  • decreased coughing
  • better compliance and fewer problems sleeping
  • higher overall patient and nursing satisfaction
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