Provox Luna

A nighttime solution designed to help sleep comfortably, soothe the skin and improve lung health

Key Features

  • Soft and smooth for nighttime comfort
  • Adhesive made of hydrogel to soothe and cool the skin
  • Excellent humidification compared to other Provox HMEs (Data on file)
  • Low breathing resistance for easy nighttime breathing
  • Side openings to prevent occlusion while sleeping and, if needed, allow for manual occlusion to speak
  • Non-sterile, for single use.
  • Note: Do not use skin barrier, wipe, cream, alcohol or any other skin prep prior to applying Provox Luna.
  • Provox Luna HME is not designed for daytime speech
  • Provox Luna is meant to be used as a system and is not interchangeable with other Provox products.
Watch this video about what happens inside your lungs when you are using an HME and when you are not using an HME.

Attachments, including adhesives and laryngectomy tubes, make it possible for you to use a Heat and Moisture Exchanger (HME) in front of your stoma.


Supporting Material
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