Provox Vega XtraSeal

Combines the benefits of the Provox Vega with a solution to manage leakage around the voice prosthesis.

Key Features

  • The enlarged esophageal flange is thin, concave and very flexible so it conforms to the tissue around the TE puncture
  • The patient can continue to speak, eat and drink while the leakage around is managed
  • The Provox Vega XtraSeal voice prosthesis comes with an Insertion System that can provide more control and greater flexibility.
  • Adapts to patient anatomy and clinician’s preferred insertion method*
  • Creates an ideal fold of the esophageal flange
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use
  • For single use.
  • Note: When determining the appropriate size of the XtraSeal for the patient, it is critical to consider the shaft of the Provox XtraSeal is approximately 1mm shorter than the size indicated due to the enlarged esophageal flange.
  • For Clinician Insertion Only.
How does speech with a voice prosthesis work? Watch the video below to learn more.

Speaking with a Voice Prosthesis

Supporting Material
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