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Provox® Life™ – Breathe better, whatever you do

Introducing Provox Life

Provox Life offers a flexible and complete solution that allows the user to experience a personalized system, no matter where they are on the recovery journey. This solution enables 24/7 use of heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs), forming the basis for improved pulmonary health, which helps to reduce coughing and can also have a positive impact on quality of life.

The system consists of:

  • Six high-performing, interchangeable HMEs that ensure the right balance between humidification and breathability, to cover needs for every occasion.
  • Newly designed adhesives with improved materials and new SecureFit™ coupling which provides the user with comfort and confidence.

Why choose Provox Life HMEs and Adhesives?

Provox Life is a new and improved range of products – designed to alleviate the challenges of excess mucus and coughing.

As outlined by our purpose and values, Atos Medical seeks to always produce the highest quality products to ensure we deliver on our promise to our customers. After conducting thorough research about laryngectomees’ daily lives, we discovered that their quality of life was being impacted by excess mucus and coughing. By focusing on these challenges, Atos Medical developed a complete solution that helps reduce mucus, ease coughing and allows users to engage in more everyday activities.

What makes the Provox Life System different?

We have made subtle changes to the dimensions of the HME which results in significant gains in the way they perform. By increasing the diameter, we were able to improve humidification and breathing performance. These two factors are crucial in helping to improve lung health.

Other improvements include:

  • A flexible and softer ring with decreased height which provides a tight seal around the stoma for a more secure fit.
  • The wider ring with decreased height, provides a lower profile, which allows for easier cleaning of the stoma and voice prosthesis.
  • New and reinforced coupling with SecureFit™ technology gives an audible click to confirm that the HME is securely in place, and is compatible across the entire product range for a personalized experience.

What is in the Provox Life product line?

The Provox Life product line consists of HME, adhesive and attachment options that cover user needs from morning to night, even while sleeping.

Provox Life HMEs


The redesigned Provox Life HMEs optimize humidification in different situations and improve breathing performance. These high performance HMEs allows 24/7 use by providing flexible options for the user’s needs from morning to night in different activities and situations.


Provox Life Adhesives


The innovative and clover-shaped Provox Life adhesives are designed for better fit and more comfort. The adhesive incorporates a soft, low-profile coupling that features patented SecureFit™ technology for a secure connection.


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