Post-operative education

Atos Medical Inc. has always believed in offering a strong educational component for our customers. We know how difficult it can be to change and introduce new practices in healthcare. To assist, Atos Medical offers a comprehensive laryngectomy pulmonary rehabilitation program as part of the continuum of care.

Laryngectomy Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program

  • We have created a training program for healthcare providers, with the use of the Provox Life Laryngectomy Kit (LPK), to introduce the use of heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs) immediately postoperatively
  • We offer a comprehensive clinical pathway guideline as well as onsite nursing/RT in-servicing during shift change
  • We have written extensive educational and training materials for the patient, family and healthcare providers
  • Upon discharge, while the patient is getting settled with outpatient care and insurance, we offer a Coming Home case that provides product and support resources, with the return of a completed Patient Services Form.

LPK: Immediate post-operative care enhances patient outcomes

Post-operative pulmonary care with the Provox Life Laryngectomy Pulmonary Kit (LPK)

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Additional resources

Atos Medical also offers additional resources to support clinicians, patients and caregivers:

Another clinical resource is: Practical Guide to Post-Laryngectomy Rehabilitation including the Provox System 4th Edition Editor: Frans JM Hilgers MD, PhD ©The Netherlands Cancer Institute

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