Provox Life adhesive guide

Provox Life adhesive features

The innovative and clover-shaped Provox Life adhesives are designed for better fit and more comfort. They include choices suitable for a variety of skin types and stoma contours, providing a personalized solution for the user.

  • New and reinforced coupling with SecureFit technology gives an audible click to confirm the HME is securely in place
  • A flexible and softer ring with decreased height provides a tight seal around the stoma for a more secure fit.
  • The wider ring with decreased height, provides a lower profile, which allows for easier cleaning of the stoma and voice prosthesis.

All Provox Life adhesives are compatible with all Provox Life HMEs to provide a personalized and flexible solution. The chart below can be helpful when deciding which Provox Life adhesive option could work best for different situations.