Getting Started

Bringing life quality to patients has always been a key aspect of our work at Atos Medical. This section is dedicated to providing information and support for patients and their relatives. There is a selection of resource documents listed below.

MC2521US Provox Life Catalog


MC2520US Provox Life Living Well After A Laryngectomy

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MC0990 Things to do to prepare for traveling


MC0991 How you can help a loved one before and after a laryngectomy


Rescue Breathing for Laryngectomees and Other Neck Breathers by Dr. Itzhak Brook


The Laryngectomee Guide Expanded Edition: Third Edition
by Dr Itzhak Brook, M.D.

  • Provides information for laryngectomees and their caregivers
  • Includes guides on different methods of speaking, anatomy, voice prostheses and much more
  • Written by Dr Itzhak Brook, M.D. who is also a laryngectomee
  • Available in multiple languages
  • This book is available for purchase on Amazon

Dr. Brook also maintains a blog that contains information about head and neck cancer, life as a laryngectomee, and articles and videos about his personal experience as a patient with throat cancer.

Patient organizations

Head and neck focused organizations/resources
Below are just some of the resources that are available for laryngectomees and their caregivers. This is not an all-inclusive list. Your clinician may be able to help you find voice clubs and other resources in your area. Click on the organizations below to learn more about the resources they offer.

Mouth and jaw focused organizations

State telecommunications programs
Below is a list of State Telecommunication programs that are funded by taxes on your landline/cellphone bill. These programs offer equipment and services, such as an electrolarynx, for those who would have a difficult time communicating over the phone. Click on the state name below that coordinates with the state that the Laryngectomee resides in to learn more about the program and its offerings.