Flexible insertion system

No two tracheoesophageal punctures are the same. There are variations in the configuration and direction from patient to patient – just as the size and shape of the stoma will differ. In addition, clinicians have different preferences when it comes to the insertion method for the voice prosthesis. The Provox Vega and Provox Vega XtraSeal Insertion System has been developed with all this in mind. It can be used in different ways to address the anatomical variations in the patient and the clinician’s preferred method of insertion.


This is Provox Vega with Insertion System

Creating the ideal fold
The Folding Tool is precision-engineered to create the ideal fold the esophageal flange of the voice prosthesis, for both Provox Vega and Provox Vega XtraSeal.

Adapting to the preferred insertion method
The Insertion System can be used in different ways, depending on the preferred method. It works as a system insertion, a tube insertion or a capsule insertion.

Intuitive and easy to use
From first opening the packaging, it takes very little time to understand an use the Insertion System.

Learn how to use the Insertion System


System insertion

For straightforward, easily accessible punctures

  • Good for straightforward punctures that are easily accessible
  • Slim folding tool can stay in place for easy punctures
  • Quick procedure
  • Control over the insertion pin during the entire procedure
  • Two-handed system for stable insertion
  • Robust connection between folding tool and loading tube
  • Folding tool designed for ergonomic grip

Tube insertion

For more difficult-to-reach or angled punctures.

  • Good for punctures that are more difficult to reach
  • Good for punctures that are angled
  • Slim device that gives more room to manoeuver
  • Slim and transparent loading tube for good visibility
  • Control over the insertion pin during the entire procedure
  • Easy to overshoot, if necessary
  • Ideal for Provox Vega XtraSeal, which needs to be overshot